California for Christian Rakeshkumar
Saturday, april 25, 2009

Salute California/America
Christian Rakesh Kumar Campaign Promises:
I Rakesh Kumar christian  make sure our golden state  of California stay for real golden state for 21st century. By creating energy independent such as oil, natural gas, solar  power, wind & make sure best quality of productivity.

  • Such as better high pay for jobs (hard working American people) to compete with today & tomorrow's modern human life style.
  • Pay raise & job security for 100% Californian /American people.
  • I Rakesh Kumar Christian to cut California state sales tax by 1% which will benefit.
  • To all 100% people of California.
  • I Rakesh Kumar Christian supports & invites new business not only small businesses
  • Also big productive business. High tech, chemical engineering.
  • Republican & Democrats  are so crooked & corrupt mismanaged meant which destroyed our golden state of California education system. I will bring a new education system
  • So our kids can be productive so they can able to beat modern life style.
  • I Christian Rakeshkumar increase minimum wage by $1 dollar.
  • Any discriminatory action done by business will be penalized by $100,000 for each misconduct.
  • Rent control throughout California, including residential & business premise.
  • City limit to preserve our farmlands & natural beauty.
  • More help for doctors & private practice.
  • Improve economy by development of California it will be real, not fake (bogus)
  • We seen past over twenty.
  • Job safety & business safety for quality productivity.
  • So would you please join me (Christian Rakeshkumar) to make California great again and does America.
  • East or west will be best on planet earth.
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